Behind the scenes of our world-renowned vacation destination, a dedicated group of residents and volunteers work together to support the objectives and values of the Communities in Bloom program, promoting involvement and action by citizens of all ages, municipal government, local organizations and businesses.

The program strives to improve the tidiness, appearance and visual appeal of neighbourhoods, parks, open spaces, and streets through the imaginative use of flowers, plants, and trees. A focus on environmental awareness and preservation of heritage and culture is also embedded in the program, resulting in improved quality of life for participating communities.

Tidy Up Tuesday

for 10 minutes at 10:00am, every Tuesday

  • Sweep the sidewalk and gutter in front of your business or residence
  • Pick-up litter and cigarette butts
  • Tidy up back alleys
  • Pull weeds


Evaluation Criteria

  • Tidiness
  • Environmental Action
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Urban Forestry
  • Landscape
  • Floral Displays


Small efforts make a big difference!
Show your community pride and support for the Communities in Bloom program.

For More Information

For more information on the Communities in Bloom program, visit the program website.